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We can sharpen almost anything! If you're not sure just give us a call

We sharpen all types of blades...

We sharpen saw blades, carbide blades, kitchen & restaurant knives, barber shears, clipper blades, garden tools, hunting knives, scissors, to lawn mower blades and much more!  We also repair Stanley Bostitch Airtools. 

Our prices are very reasonable

For example, carbide tipped saws are .25/tooth.  Kitchen knives are $1.50 for a small blade, $2.50 for a large blade.  Add $3.00 to the price to sharpen a serrated blade.  Small household shears are $3.00 each, large are $4.00, upholstery shears are $5.00.  Prices are subject to increase if the condition of the item is so bad that extra shop time is required to bring the item up to an acceptable condition.

Our turn-around time is typically 3 – 4 days.

Call us today! (443) 309-0390